"Simply the best, better than all the rest” ♫

That easily describes Dr. Predmore and his staff.  They are so in sync as a team. I have never liked my teeth and Dr. Predmore transformed my entire mouth. He is an artist, a perfectionist who gave me a smile that I’m so happy to use. Thank you isn’t a big enough to express my appreciation. I am SO happy that he is my dentist.

----- Marge


There are not enough words to thank you for the expert dental work you have performed on me. Your work made such a difference in my health and I am now pain free. My knew teeth have made me feel so good, now I can even smile again! My health seems so much better and the new teeth fit so perfectly that I never had a sore from them. I feel like a person again. I am a breast cancer survivor and having this care will help with my health. Your staff is wonderful. Thank you Lisa for making the appointments that suited my schedule. Lastly, thank you so much for all the time you put into dealing with my dental problems. You are a very caring person and your care was exceptional to my teeth which were so in need.

----- Elaine


If you may be moving away from the Upper Valley any time in the future, my advice would be to get as much dental work done by Dr. Predmore as you can. When I lived in Norwich, VT., I started going to Dr. Predmore. I'm a patient who is not at all patient when having to open my mouth wide. Fortunately for me, Dr. Predmore had great patience when fitting the mouth guard that has made a good night sleep possible for me. Through friends, I've found many fine health professionals here near DC, but no dentist to rival Dr. Predmore. BTW, I'm 71 years old and while attending a political discussion, a retired dentist complemented me on the way my teeth look when I smile. Thank you for that, Dr. Predmore.

----- Sue in Silver Spring


Words really can’t tell you how you changed my life by taking the time and having the vision to do what you have to my smile.  My whole quality of life has changed.  Thank you so much.

----- Jackie


I was hesitant at first to have the procedures suggested which seemed extravagant at my age. However, I know I made the right decision - the results speak for themselves. Friends and family are glad that I'm smiling more! Dr. Predmore and his staff are a first class team.

----- Alice


Thanks for getting my teeth in good shape and keeping them that way!

----- Rick


A few words:  Thorough, caring, almost painless, consistent follow up (all staff knows my case and me.  I don’t need to update each person along the chain of command).  Prompt and courteous staff.  

----- Jeanne


I have been a patient of Dr. Predmore’s and his staff for 13 years.  I’ve had many procedures as well as preventative care and have always been pleased and impressed with the gentleness and caring Dr. Predmore and the entire staff.

----- Gretchen


I would not be honest if I said, “I love going to the dentist”, however, Dr. Predmore and his staff make the visit feel like a get together with friends you enjoy seeing every time.  Excellency and professionalism is at the highest standard here!!  I come here without a doubt about the fact that I’m getting the best dental care, and I’ve been to a bunch of dental offices over the years!

----- Jeanette


We have always been very impressed with the TLC in many ways.  They are always caring to our needs.  We bless the Lord for leading us to this dental care.

----- Alice


Dr. Predmore has been my family’s dentist for twenty years.  The consideration and skill of the staff and Dr. Predmore’s professional talent combine to make for excellence in dentistry.  I often fall asleep during procedures.  The atmosphere and dentistry skills make one confident and relaxed!  My children insist on Dr. Jim for any dental concerns. I appreciate the home care education.  

----- Kate


I now have the kind of smile that nature meant me to have.  It took over 2 years of careful, detailed work by Dr. Predmore, his team and his colleagues in periodontal surgery.  Throughout that time I was always clearly informed about what was being done and never uncomfortable.  Thank you!

----- Hilary


Thanks for all your outstanding expertise.  I love my new look!  

----- Carolyn


In appreciation of my new dentures, I want to thank you for them and for all the time you spent fitting them. My well fitting dentures are such a pleasure to have.  Due to past surgery I have lack of muscle tone on the left side of my face and a difficult jaw to work on.  Dr. Predmore and his friendly staff took a lot of time and patience to get my fit and bite real exacting.  As well as changing my looks, being able to chew properly has made a difference in my whole gastric system.  

----- Evelyn


Thanks so much for fixing me up that Sunday afternoon in March.  It meant a lot to me that you could take some time away from your off day to come help me out.  I know you like pictures, so I hope you like this one!  Let me know if you ever want some tickets or a favor, all the best

----- Hugh


Thanks so for the superb treatment yesterday!  Professionalism, ability, cooperation, friendliness and thoughtfulness go all through the ranks in the office.  We’re marvelously well taken care of – Thanks!

----- Lise


I just wanted to thank you for fitting me in to be seen on such short notice.  This work that I am having done is long and painful but you make it much more pleasant. Thanks again!  

----- Karen


I have to put it in writing….I thank you, I thank you, I thank you for recreating my front tooth.  I am beholden to you.  If there is something I can do for you, tell me because I need to show my appreciation.  May the Lord bless you this thanksgiving season, may he keep you in good health and happiness.  In deep gratitude,

----- May


My experience with Dr. James Predmore and his staff has been great.  In the seven years that I have been going there for dental work I have been treated in a professional manner with the utmost consideration for my dental welfare.  In my opinion, Dr. Predmore’s vast and up-to-date knowledge of dental procedures, equipment and technology far exceeds that of his colleagues in the dental profession.  He is always respectful of my needs as a patient, making certain that each visit will be a pleasant one.  He explains each procedure and is reassuring, which engenders my trust in what he is doing.  His excellent work has permanent results.

His staff: Lorraine, Matthew, Tina, Teresa, Val and Jen are professional and friendly.  They provide a welcoming atmosphere.  Each time I walk into the office, I can be certain that Lorraine and Matthew will greet me with a smile and handle the business end of each visit, such as insurance matters, in an expert manner.  I receive the royal treatment each time, (the crowning touch, if you pardon the pun).  It is my observation that each patient leaves satisfied with his or her visit.  Obvious optimism pervades the office, which I find rare in other dental offices.  I am happy with Teresa’s way of making me feel at ease for a dental cleaning.  She has excellent “bedside manners.”  Her confidence in her skill is evident and reassuring.  I mostly appreciate all that Dr. Predmore and Tina did to help me with my crowns.  They helped alleviate what could have been an arduous ordeal, I am ordinarily very reticent about going through dental procedures, but they made certain that I was comfortable and made it as painless as possible.

I am grateful and proud of my new smile.  I highly recommend Dr. Predmore and his staff.  They are the best!

----- Nancy


Treatment at Dr. Predmore’s office is notable for the calm and interested competence of every member of the staff.  The result is the reassuring feeling that nothing is being missed.  The patient does not need to worry that, questions or comments to one person will be dismissed or forgotten.  I appreciate Jim’s apparent interest in keeping up with technological advances for improved treatment.  I’ve been to a lot of different dentists in my life, so I think I’m in a good position to say that both technically and attitudinally, treatment here is tops!  

----- Ruth


My experience with Dr. Predmore and his staff has always been excellent.  They are true professionals and have provided me with excellent dental care for years and today it shows every day in my smile!  Although going to the dentist is not always enjoyable--the compassionate care which Dr. Predmore and his staff provide makes it so much more bearable. 

----- Marie


I have been a patient of Dr. Predmore’s dental practice for a number of years now and have recommended their services to many of my friends.  I have always had very good care in the procedures I have received and have never wanted to choose another provider.  They are very gentle, and helpful in giving me new ideas on how I can be better about taking care of my teeth. They also treat me like a special person and not like just another patient to work on.

----- Mary


I have been one of Dr. Predmore’s satisfied patients for over 20 years.  He emphasizes preventive care and is very meticulous in his work.  I have many crowns, which he matched carefully to my other teeth.  Recently I had to have some minor surgery at APD Hospital.  When the anesthesiologist asked me to open my mouth, he said, “What beautiful teeth! “  

----- Olive


I am impressed with modern dentistry, especially with the skills of Dr. Predmore and his staff.  “Being crowned” was a painless and pleasant experience.

----- Kathy


Dr. Predmore takes great and sincere interest in the concerns and fears of his clients.  His work is an art form.  I recommend Dr. Predmore without reservation. 

----- Merilynn


Excellent work, patient comfort a priority, very pleased with results!  

----- Linda


I am very satisfied with the expertise of Dr. Predmore and his staff.  My wife loves my new smile!

----- Rick H.


I love my new smile.  I wish I had the dental work done sooner.  Dr. Predmore uses good drugs, I can barely remember the procedures.  I am happy!

----- Carolyn


I would like to thank Dr. Predmore and the entire staff for the last 10 years of care after my accident.  The implants look and work great!  I can’t say enough about the friendly and professional service I received and witnessed during my visits.  I would recommend Dr. Predmore and staff and have.

----- Ernest


Perhaps the nicest thing is that no one notices that these aren’t my own teeth.

----- Mindy  


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the wonderful job you did restoring my front teeth.  I no longer hesitate to smile.  Thanks to your “artistry” they look beautiful.  Also you and your hygienists have been very accommodating dealing with my very sensitive teeth.  Lastly, both Grace and I agree that it is so nice to be greeted so personally when we arrive… makes coming to the dentist much more pleasant.

----- Roger


This was one of the best gifts I have ever given myself.  For my overall health having extensive dental work done was not a luxury, it was a necessity.  At Dr. Predmore’s office I definitely found the right dentist and staff to do an incredible job!  This office works so well because they are highly skilled professionals.  They dealt with my unusual health issues with the greatest of care and consideration.  I now have much improved oral health and a smile like never before.

Lastly, I would like to say that it is a pleasure to be cared for in this office.  It is to Dr. and Lorraine Predmore’s credit to have created such a positive environment for their patients.  It is a pleasure to be in the midst of co-workers who say please and thank you to one another.  They seem to genuinely like their job and one another.  I applaud and thank you all.

----- Carmel


Many thanks for everyone’s friendly, helpful and skilled care. My bite is much improved and happiness is having a spare partial and not needing it. Your referral for special care was well coordinated with your treatment.  

----- Marion


I'm a white knuckle dental patient who hates having her mouth worked on.  Dr. Predmore's skill and patience and his clear explanations have certainly made my life as well as my bite much better.  The whole staff makes me feel thatI am a respected individual.  I am looking forward to moving near my grandchildren, I just wish this dental practice could be cloned.

----- Sue


Thank you so much for all of the work you have put in to help me find my smile again! The teeth are absolutely beautiful and I am so grateful to you and your staff.  Without you this would not have been a reality for me.  I will take excellent care of them and see this as an opportunity as a fresh start for me in more ways than one.

----- Nicole


A great big Thank You! Feels great to have teeth again!

----- Tim


Dr. Predmore and his entire staff provided me the highest level of dental care and I recommend them without reservation. After suffering from prior trauma and a childhood of bad dentistry elsewhere, I was hesitant to have the extensive dental work that I needed. Thankfully, I was recommended to Dr. Predmore.  I couldn't have trusted a better dentist to perform the challenging and brilliant work to completely restore my dental health and my smile. The work was long but essentially painless. Talent and good local anesthesia go a long way, as does the professionalism and kindness of everyone in the office. I can't say enough about Dr. Predmore's expert dental skill and artistry.  I am not usually given to excessive praise but he is the perfectionist you want him to be. I am very happy with my new smile. I can't thank him enough or recommend him more highly.  

----- Barbara