Dr. James R. Predmore

Dr. Predmore has practiced dentistry in the Upper Valley since 1983 and in Hanover, New Hampshire since 1997.  He received his DDS from the State University of New York at Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine in 1982 and completed a general practice residency at the University of Colorado in 1983.  He has spent many hours of continuing education with Dr. Peter Dawson in St. Petersburg, FL. and Dr. William Strupp in Clearwater, Fl. Both of these Doctors and their dental philosophies and techniques have greatly influenced Dr. Predmore's practice and the way he performs his dentistry.
Dr. Predmore's practice focuses mainly on adult restorative dentistry and occlusal therapy.  In order to achieve a high level of predictability in dental treatment, Dr. Predmore restores teeth with gold and porcelain restorations (inlays, onlays, and crowns).  These particular restorations along with a core build up insure the durability and longevity of the tooth being treated.  Dr. Predmore also emphasizes creating proper occlusion which is in harmony with the temporomandibular joint.  Restoring teeth by quadrant or entire arches insures that the contacts between restorations are correct and that the bite is solid and in sync with the temporomanidubular joint.



Dr. ELizabeth W. Bingham


Dr. Predmore and staff are pleased to welcome Dr. Elizabeth Bingham to our practice and the Upper Valley.

Dr. Bingham grew up in Westchester, New York and attended Williams College in the Birkshires for her undergraduate studies. She received her DMD from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 2015 and continued her studies in a General Practice Residency program at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Trained as a general dentist, Dr. Bingham has decided to focus her skills on adult restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Bingham has many interests outside of dentistry which include: gardening, cooking, hiking, singing and traveling. She also speaks Russian and French. She and her husband look forward to making the Upper Valley their new home.



Our Staff

Dental Assistants:

Our staff includes two full time dental assistants, Tina and Marie. Both assistants have been working with Dr. Predmore for many years.  They are specially trained to assist in six handed dentistry.  Tina and Marie are proficent at assisting in the preparation of teeth, mounting cases, preoperative preparations, provisionals (temporaries), making impressions, the delivery of cases and ensuring your comfort throughout the entire process.

Dental Hygienists:

Our registered dental hygienist, Jeanne, works closely with patients to help them achieve and maintain effective oral hygiene. Jeanne also assists patients in understanding their individual restorative and/ or cosmetic dental needs. In addition she evaluates and treats non-surgical periodontal cases and guides home care maintainance plans under Dr. Predmore's direction. 

Our dental hygienist is also responsible for new patient examinations, which require collecting health history information, noting any problems the patient is experiencing and performing a complete oral examination. This exam includes cancer screening and the demonstration of any signs of dental instability.  This information is given to Dr. Predmore who then develops an individual treatment plan.

Administrative Assistant:

Our administrative assistant, Lisa is happy to help you schedule treatment times that work for you and the Doctor.  She is also there to answer any questions you may have regarding financial arrangements, insurance or your treatment plan.  As a courtesy to our patients Lisa will submit the appropriate insurance forms.  Lisa is also trained to assist the dental assistants and hygienists.

Office Manager:

Our office manager, Lorraine is Dr. Predmore's wife. Lorraine is mainly responsible for taking care of the books, accounts receivable and paying the bills.  Lorraine also works at the front desk assisting Lisa in scheduling,  answering insurance related questions and typing up treatment plans and letters to patients.

As a group our staff works together to make your dental visits as stress free as possible while providing optimum dental care.